Want to catch more fish, more often and have plenty of fun doing it…

…well, this website will help you!

Hi there! My name is Wayne O’Keeffe, I live in Victoria, Australia, and I’m a fishing fanatic.

I set up this website for the beginner…because when I startled fishing I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t know where to get advice. This site has the answers.

For  40 years I’ve researched, experimented and discovered the secrets to some fishing mysteries:

  • How to do you catch fish every time you go out?
  • How do you read the water in front of you and locate the fish hiding spots?
  • How do you attract fish into your fishing “zone”?
  • What tackle do you use to increase your chances of a catch….when the fish won’t touch anything?
  • How do you catch fish when you’ve never fished a new spot before?
  • How do you continuously improve your catch rate?

 If you’re looking for the same answers you don’t have to take a lifetime to do it…

…its already done for you on this site.

So what makes me qualified to advise anyone on fishing?

I’ve fished across Australia, been a competition angler and  ran a fishing business for 6 years where my main source of income came from teaching beginners how to fish….and I don’t mean theory, I mean to actually hook and land fish!

I spent all my spare time dedicated to my fishing, experimenting, researching, learning from experts and doing a HEAP of practice…and it paid off.

After decades of doing this  I built enough skill to catch fish 98% of the time I went fishing…in places where the fish were hard to catch!!

I had worked on my lure fishing, surf fishing, bait fishing in streams, lakes, estuaries and built skills that worked all over the country….and I loved every minute of it!

Like you, I’m time poor and can’t always choose the best time to go fishing….I have to fish when I can. To do this and cut down on travel time I often fish close to home, right in the suburbs of Melbourne. Some of these areas are heavily fished or sometimes don’t have many fish at all, so I have learned how to catch fish when the fishing’s hard!

The great thing about this is that if you can hook fish in these spots….you can hook fish anywhere.

And now after more than 4 decades in this hobby I want to share knowledge and experiences…and just talk fishing.

What could be better than that?


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