Fishing lessons


It’s simple, easy to do and a lot of fun.

Most people think catching fish is all about luck or finding the secret spot or using a special bait or the best gear….and while those things help…

…the most important things are knowledge and technique!

The way to skyrocket your fish catch rate is to learn from someone who’s spent a lifetime perfecting the methods and actually catching fish.

My simple 6 step process is easy to learn and will turn you into seasoned angler in just one session. At the end of a lesson you’ll know how to:

  • Locate fish holding spots
  • Set your gear up in the best ‘catch mode’
  • Lure fish into your target zone
  • Turn on the “feed button” of  fish in your zone
  • Hook the most timid fish
  • Continuously improve your catch rate

….and you’ll be able to repeat this every time you go out!

Lessons are  are usually held within 20 minutes drive of Melbourne city on a Sunday morning, commencing at 8am, and are all based on land (no boats). All gear, bait, attractants and chairs are provided. All you need to bring is yourself!

Benefit from over 4 decades experience in fish habits, catching techniques and tackle technology.

I want to give you the closest possible attention so the maximum number of people in a lesson is limited to two.

All lessons last 3 hours.

Investment $142 per person…

…and gain the knowledge and skill to catch more fish than ever before!

Contact me for booking details.

Gift certificates are available so why not give someone special the gift of a skill  that could last a lifetime!

Investment per person: $142

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