Bay Beach Fishing Cheat Sheet

AUD $3.50

The Bay Beach Fishing Cheat Sheet has essential fish catching info all summarised on a two page sheet that you can carry with you when you go fishing.

No more wondering what to do when you get to your fishing spot. These easy to read instructions will fill in the blanks on where the fish are hiding and how to catch them.

There’s no wasted space on these sheets, no junk, no fillers. They are packed with key info that will give you the edge in your fishing.

What You Get

  • Vital tips on how to find your fish
  • An actual image of a typical beach showing the “hot spots” for fish hiding places so you know exactly what to look for and where to cast your bait
  • The best baits to use so you don’t go home empty handed
  • Essential tips on what to do when you can’t get a bite

….and other hints that will give you that extra  chance of a catch.

The information is packed into a two page PDF that will be sent  to your email address.


Take advantage of years of fish catching  experience, experimentation and research without having to wait years to do it by yourself…and only invest $3.50 for it!


The Really Simple "SECRETS" To Finding Fish That Will Get You Catching A Bag Full

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