Blood and Guts Berley Pellets

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Blood and Guts Berley Pellets are designed to attract fish and hold them in your target area. They have been engineered to get fish biting and are perfect for  salt water fishing of any kind.

The pellets are made to break down slowly in water, releasing their fishy smells and oils. Their complex bait signature will spike a feeding response and help maximise your fish catch rate…

….so get the most of your fishing session by making the fish come to YOU!

Great for stimulating fish activity when fishing an estuary, beach, surf or on  a pier, boat, bridge or anywhere you are close to your target spot:

  • Add them to your berley to give it extra attraction
  • Use them in closed ended berley cages to provide a long lasting magnetic appeal
  • Throw small amounts into the water in front of you to spike a fish feeding response.

These pellets have been tested and absolutely proven to stimulate fish and get them biting. 

….they are deadly for any salt water fishing.

Get yours now and skyrocket your catch rate.


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works in both fresh and salt water

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