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The SPICE RACK Fish Attracting Extracts.

The SPICE RACK fish attracting extracts are designed to attract fish to your target zone.

They add flavours and scents to your bait or berley that spread out in the water and trigger a feeding response.

SPICE RACK fish attracting extracts have been proven in both fresh water and salt water fishing.

These extracts will spike your bait’s attraction by filling the water with hunger building scents. Much the same as you love the smell of a BBQ, the sizzling steak, grilled onions, aroma of garlic or any delicious food, the fish react the same way…they want to eat!

Just drip some on your bait or your berley and watch the magic happen.

The SPICE RACK has 3 different extracts with different flavours and scents. They come in 20ml bottles and the formulas are highly concentrated and ready to use. These extracts can be added to any bait. Not only that but they are very effective in adding extra attraction to subtle baits like chicken, bread and dough.

They come with complete instructions for use and how to get the best out of your bait and berley.

And as an added bonus….

You also get the Spicy Chicken Formula.

This formula  makes a killer bait that catches all kinds of fish, including big fish, is easy to make and cost you less than most other baits.

If you like land based fishing in estuaries, bay beaches and surf beaches and want to skyrocket your results then this formula will help you hook those fish.

So if you want a Killer bait, that’s cheap, super easy to make and will drive fish crazy then use this step by step formula.

Total value of the SPICE RACK is over $18 but its available now for just  $14.70.

So, never go fishing with an “average” bait again. Bring your ‘A GAME’  and let the  SPICE RACK do all the work. Get it now!



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