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Catch fish when they just won’t bite

This pack will sky rocket your chances of catching a fish on those hard days when absolutely no one  is getting a bite.

It’s a “done for you” selection of tackle that I use, and have taught other anglers  to use, to get even the most timid fish to bite.

What you get:

1. Three berley cages (2 x 40gm, 1 x 60gm)  to suit river, lake and beach fishing. They act as a sinker and get berley out near your bait to attract the fish.

2.  Packet of snap swivel links so you can easily clip on and off berley cages or sinkers.

3.  Packet of line stops to hold your berley cage in place. These allow you to set up a running berley cage or sinker and adjust the distance between hook and berley cage or sinker.

4. Spool of 100 metres of pre-stretched, low diameter line to use as a light weight trace to make the hook bait act natural in the water.

5.  Packet of size 14 hooks so you change down to the smallest size when fish won’t bite anything bigger.

6.  The FISHING SURVIVAL PACK instruction pack. These 2 pages of simple to follow instructions explain exactly how to use the tackle. Not only that but they have bonus instructions and tips on berley, hooks and traces that are essential to getting fish to swallow your bait.

And as an added bonus….

You also get the RIVER FISHING CHEAT SHEET and LAKE FISHING CHEAT SHEET. These sheets are packed with information to help you locate fish in a river or lake, the places to look, best conditions for fishing and most importantly , WHAT TO DO IF YOU CANT GET A BITE!

This information was only ever shared as part of my fishing lessons but it’s a free bonus in this pack.

Total value of this Fishing Survival Pack is over $30 but its available now for just  $25.00.

So, don’t wait for years to work this stuff out for yourself,  get it now!


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