Bite Hard Berley

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Bite Hard Berley is designed to attract fish to your bait and drive them into a feeding frenzy. Based on years of research, experimentation and solid fish catching results Bite Hard Berley has been engineered to get fish biting. It is perfect for both fresh water and salt water fishing.

Unlike many other simple commercial berlies Bite Hard Berley contains 7 different ingredients that stimulate fish to feed and keep them in your target area.

Each 1 kg bag also includes detailed instructions on how to use it to maximise your fish catch rate.

This original Bite Hard Berley formula suits both fresh water and salt water fishing…

….so get the most of your fishing outing by making the fish come to YOU!

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1 kg bag

works in both fresh and salt water

7 different ingredients that attract fish and stimulate them to bite

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Weight1 kg

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