HTF Soft Plastic Lures 22g

AUD $1.90

HTF Paddle Tail Soft Plastic Lures

The HTF lures have a natural bait fish look and amazing tail action.

Their holographic inner body and natural looking eyes make them irresistible to predatory fish.

In tough conditions, when predators won’t eat anything unnatural, the real life look of these lures drives them to bite. This allows for a range of lure retrival styles to suit all fishing conditions.

Whether you reel in with  the lift and drop method, the reel and pause method or a fast retrieve, these lures look and act like bait fish.

No need to buy jig heads for these lures as they come already weighted with a needle sharp top mounted hook.

There are no hooks connected to the bottom of the lure. This makes them less likely to catch on snags and enables you to cast closer to structure and reach those hiding fish.


Style: Paddle Tail

Size: 9.5 cm

Weight: 22 g

Colour: Clear Body with Red and Blue Stripes


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