JUST ARRIVED Wire Mesh Berley Cage 40gm Pack of 3

AUD $9.50

Bring the fish to YOU!

This wire mesh berley cage not only acts as your sinker but is a fish magnet designed to bring the fish to you.

Its open ended mesh construction is designed to maximise the easy flow of berley from the moment it hits the water. Being lightweight it’s ideally suited to still water like lakes, dams and reservoirs or slow moving rivers, creeks, estuaries and bay beaches.

Berley can be mixed  with more moisture so it stays in the cage longer and is deposited on the bottom near your hook bait attracting fish into your catch zone. It has a plastic mesh base at one end that helps keep berley in the cage for longer. This can be removed to allow even faster release.

Alternatively, berley can be mixed a bit drier. This will spread the majority of berley through the water column so that it attracts fish from all around. The berley that stays in the cage when it hits bottom leads fish directly to your bait.

The berley cage comes with a small attached snap swivel to help avoid line tangles when reeling in.

Increase your catch rate with this simple to use item that gets those fish hungry and attracted to your hook.


Colour: Black
Construction: Metal
Weight: 40gm
Packaging: Packet of 3


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