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Fish will line up to take your bait next time you fish from a pier, bridge or jetty!

This rig was made specifically to attract fish on piers, jetties and bridges. When you fish a spot that gets a lot of fishing pressure you need something that gives you an extra advantage. This rig was made to do that!

It’s a “done for you” selection of tackle that will get even the most timid fish to bite.

The rig comes with:

  1. Two in-line berley cages to suit pier, jetty and bridge fishing. They act as a sinker and put berley right near your bait to attract the fish.

  2. Six size 6 long shank hooks to make unhooking easier and stop gut hooking hungry fish.

  3. Packet of size 14 hooks for times when  fish won’t touch anything bigger.

  4. Two metre length of 4.5kg fluorocarbon  trace that is invisible in clear water so the fish have no fear in taking your bait.

  5. Set of 5 small ball sinkers to add extra weight to your line when the tide is moving fast.

  6. Set of 5 swivels to tie your fluorocarbon leader to your mainline, act as a stop for your sinker and berley cage, and  stop line twist.

  7. Set of 5 red beads to add attraction to your bait. 

  8. Length of red tubing to add extra attraction to your bait. It can be used with or without the red bead.

  9. Set of 5 luminous beads to be used at night or in darker water to add extra attraction to your bait.

  10. Complete, easy to follow, instructions on how to set up your rig to catch fish.

  11. CHEAT SHEET with tips on where fish are hiding, where to put your bait, how to attract fish and how to catch them on piers, bridges and jetties.  

And as an added bonus….

You also get a “KILLER” bait recipe. It’s called the SPICY CHICKEN FORMULA  and is an absolute proven fish attractor that’s simple to make and will give you an even better chance of hooking fish. 

Total value of this Pier “Target” Rig is over $16 but its available now for just  $12.00.

There are limited supplies of this rig, so don’t miss out,  get it now!

Pier Target pack

What You Get In Your Pack


Pier Target Rig at work

Pier Target Rig at work

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