FISHING LESSON (digital version)

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THE COMPLETE FISHING VIDEO – Digital fishing lesson


Catch more fish, more often than ever before.

If your fishing is not giving you the results you need then this video might be the most important thing you  could watch to get you landing more fish than you ever expected. 

Learn from someone who’s spent a lifetime perfecting the methods and has a track record of catching fish in all kinds of water.

My proven  process is easy to learn and will turn you into a seasoned angler.  This 55 minute, information packed video has many little known and secret tips that will show you how to:

  • Locate fish holding spots
  • Hit your target zone on every cast
  • Lure fish to your target zone and  keep them there 
  • Turn on the “feed button” of  fish in your zone
  • Hook the most timid fish

….and you’ll be able to repeat this every time you go out!

This video lesson hands you all the information you need to fish rivers, lakes and bay beaches and catch fish like never before.

Benefit from 21 years experience in fish habits, catching techniques and tackle technology without having to wait 21 years to do it yourself!

This video lesson is stored on my FACEBOOK Private Group and is available by invitation only. The investment is just  $29 and you get hold of the proven methods, skills and little known techniques that separate the best anglers from the rest.

After payment you will be accepted as a member where you get a special email invitation to the Private Facebook Group and have unlimited access to this video. Not only that but other exclusive ‘How To’  videos will be posted for this group over time.

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The Really Simple "SECRETS" To Finding Fish That Will Get You Catching A Bag Full

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